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Serpent tattoo

Serpent tattoo
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You can go through the uploaded tattoo pictures/photos one at a time on this page, and then decide if you want to add yours to the collection. A lot of people have down-loaded their photos.  See which one you like best! There are a lot of tattoo designs and ideas for people thinking about getting a tattoo. There are also some tattoo mistakes in this bunch.


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  • Darell Tonner says:

    Thanks for posting my pics !!!

    • Aditi says:

      I have on tattoo in the middle of my back of my daughters initials, its very tasteful and will be addin more to it. It has meaning behind it. I feel that if you want something permanent on your skin it should have meaning not just some random ink bc it looked cool (no offense to anyone who has done this) It would amaze you to know that some of the nicest people and most respected people you may know probaby have some kind of ink done remember beauty is on the inside .dont judge too quick!

    • Rakhi says:

      As sonoeme going through tattoo removal, let me give you some advice. DO NOT do it yourself, or buy a machine and attmept to have sonoeme do it for you. When I get mine done, there are NUMEROUS machines running at once. There is the lazer, the coolant machine, seriously you can burn yourself/her SO BADLY!!! I have gone twice, and you wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell you. You have to wait AT LEAST 4 weeks between treatments, and the longer you wait the better it works. you need to give the ink time to be absorbed into your body once it has been broken up by the laser.

  • Jibin says:

    I, myself, have seravel tattoos. The pieces that feature words, or phrases, have become a constant source of questioning. I can only imagine what it must be like for individuals that are covered by whole paragraphs. You’d literally be read like a book. A good way to spread the love of literature, I guess.I wouldn’t say that literary tattoos are a sign of the rise of the bookworm, necessarily. Honestly, I feel that people have always lined thier bodies with literary ink, but the decline of tattoo as taboo makes exhbiting such work more easily digested. Many of my friends, who have more areas of ink than of bare skin, have numerous literary tattoos and have had them for quite some time. As for pretension, I feel that a tattoo is expression. People receive ink of what they enjoy most. If it means books – let it be called pretentious. Lovely post.

    • Edith says:

      Our bodies can be vweied as an open canvas for the art the tattoo artists create. I definately believe that the ink should have meaning behind it. I have 3 pieces of art one is a memorial to my dad, one a memorial for a four legged best doggie friend I lost, and the other sentimental. I figure it this way, if someone doesn’t like to look at the artwork, they don’t have to look. Hopefully when we are all 80 years old the ink still has the same meaning the day we got it and it won’t matter what it looks like .

  • Zacky says:

    This weblog is fnatastic. There is often all of the correct info at the suggestions of my fingers. Many thanks and maintain up the excellent work!

  • TINEX says:


  • Shraddha says:

    I think the craze started when the usual inks were uparedgd to flamboyant colors. Then they were artful expression of the individual. Now it’s “I want to be an individual and get a tattoo…like everyone else.”

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