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Affordable Laser Tattoo Removal

Affordable laser tattoo removal has come to Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. If you’re on a budget, and you need discount laser tattoo removal, call Dr. Hall’s Laser Tattoo Removal Center.  We will evaluate your tattoo in terms of size, color, skin tone, and any scarring risk you may have.  We will then map out a tattoo removal treatment strategy that works best for you, your tattoo, and your finances.


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Dr. Greg Hall is a national authority on tattoos and uses the latest laser technology to remove your ‘ill gotten ink’.  We remove tattoos from all types of skin colors and complexions, and you pay a fraction of the cost of seeing a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. You will surprised how affordable we can make tattoo removal.



We will conduct a thorough medical history and examination of the tattoo, and provide an estimate of how many sessions will be needed for successful removal. The cost is related to the size and complexity of the tattoo and ranges from as little as $75 per session(single color) for a small (2 inch square) tattoo and increases based on the size. You can choose to have all or just part of your tattoo removed.  Your sessions will be at least 6 to 8 weeks apart so budgeting your installments should be no problem, and the end result will be a new rejuvenated you!

It’s time to bring back the new you.

Watch this video and see a good review of the laser tattoo removal process.

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