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Tattoo Removal



There are a number of ways to attempt to remove a tattoo, in all cases the process is painful, possibly scarring, and requires multiple treatments.  Here is a short list:


  • Laser Removal  (burn it off)
  • Chemical (burn it off)
  • Abrasion (sand it off)
  • Excision (cut it out)
  • Variot Tattoo Removal  (tattoo it off with chemicals)
  • Bleaching/Fading Creams (many can cause cancer)

Watch this video on laser tattoo removal and get a good review on the process!! 


Laser Removal


Once you’ve found a competent laser tattoo removal specialist, there are a few basics you must understand.  First and foremost, you cannot be tanned.  The melanin in your skin reacts with the laser and worsens the final outcome.  Any type of infection brewing, or recent skin infection recovery, especially Herpes infections, should prompt you to re-schedule your appointment after a full resolution of the symptoms.  Also remember to mention any history of keloid formation, or abnormal healing as this may occur after the procedure and not help the outcome at all.


Amateur/prison/house party tattoos can usually be removed after 5 to 10 sessions in one to two month intervals.  Professional tattoos and those with heavy metals in their ink are usually more resistant, and may require as many as 20 visits!  Be patient.


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