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Boy gets tattoo, mother arrested

A mother allowed her 10 year old son to get a tattoo memorializing his older brother after his accidental death. The boy requested a tattoo as a way to remember his brother. The mother, also grief stricken, thought it was a nice gesture to remember her lost son. The local authorities were bound to investigate, and follow the law as its written. The mother was arrested, booked, and charged. The authorities are also looking for the tattooist who put it on the boy. The mother had no idea the law existed, and wrongfully thought that she had final say over what her child could do with his body. The only problem is, tattooing a minor is illegal in Georgia regardless of the parent’s consent.

There are other states the prohibit tattooing of minors.  Check here to see what your state laws say. The controversy continues and some believe the mother acted appropriately, and others believe she acted irresponsibly and the law doesn’t go far enough.  So where do we go from here?

Should the mother have the final say?

Is this law appropriate?

Do memorial tattoos get regretted less than other tattoos?


Should a law that prohibits tattooing a minor be started in other states?


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