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Cleveland Laser Tattoo Removal Information & Cost

Affordable laser tattoo removal has come to Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, call the Laser Tattoo Removal Center at Dr. Hall’s east side office.

We will evaluate your tattoo in terms of size, color, skin tone, and any scarring risk you may have.  We will then map out a tattoo removal treatment strategy that works best for you, your tattoo, and your finances.


(216) 881-5055

Here is a video that talks all about the laser tattoo removal process!!

A name tattoo like this one can usually be removed for about $100 per session in 5 to 12 sessions depending on her skin type and the quality of the tattoo. Right now we are removing names for half price.   Professional tattoos are harder to remove that amateur tattoos (like this one)

Tattoos closer to the heart are easier to remove that one on the foot and hand where the circulation is not as rich.

This one can be done, but it will take a while! Likely $200/session (both feet) and a lot of patience.

We will conduct a thorough medical history and examination of the tattoo, and provide an estimate of how many sessions will be needed for successful removal and what you can expect along the way. The cost is related to the size and complexity of the tattoo and ranges from as little as $75 per session(single color) for a small tattoo and increases based on the size. You can choose to have all or just part of your tattoo removed.  Your sessions will be at least 6 to 8 weeks apart so budgeting your installments should be no problem, and the end result will be a new rejuvenated you!


Remove the words?

$100/session  (this is not a name)

3 to 8 sessions depending on your skin type and healing ability

. . . and its GONE.

How much do you pay for a new hair style and to keep that style for 6 months? If your like most people, its more than the cost of removing a tattoo.

Call for a free consultation!

Removing Marilyn Monroe is a $250 per session job.  Imagine what Megan is actually paying!!  She has probably had 3 to 4 sessions already.  If you want to lighten your tattoo so that a newer tattoo can more easily cover it, laser therapy is great for that as well.


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This one is $200 per session and will take multiple sessions.