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Parents of Teens Wanting Tattoos

Teens and Tattoos

“My teenager wants a tattoo and I don’t know what to say”

“My daughter wants a tattoo because all of her friends have one”

“My son wants a tattoo because all of the jocks at school did it”

Insuring your teenager’s future is one of the more difficult responsibilities you can have as a parent.

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Peer pressure in school and even in good neighborhoods can be overwhelming for some teens.  Every adult has the right to do whatever they want to their body, including getting the body art of their choice.  A teen, however, is not an adult, and needs guidance, education, and positive family pressure to get them to WAIT before getting their first tattoo.  To help with keeping teens from getting a premature tattoo, has resources EVERY TEEN should review with their parent or guardian.  One of the best ways to help a teen from making a bad, spur of the moment, decision is to agree to form a contract. offers a printable contract that both parent/guardian and teen can read, discuss, and sign that basically says they will not get a tattoo without first discussing the issue with the parent or guardian.  Scientific studies have shown that even though this contract is legally useless, it does make the parties involved think about the topic, and the act of signing it is hard evidence of a promise made to a loved one!

Other organizations have taken on this wave of tattoos in teens.  In California, The University of California at Davis began a drive to help students put a little more thought into tattoos, their risks, and social implications. “Be Smart with Body Art” was born. They found that over 40% of their students never thought there was any health risks associated with tattoos.  They didn’t know about that Hepatitis, Staph infections, skin reactions, and more were possible with each tattoo!  They especially want to get the word out on the risks of Hepatitis C which is rapidly growing in people in their teens and twenties. Go to their site and read the personal accounts of students and their tattoo regrets.

We know that rash decisions can sometimes lead to remorse.  Trying to shield our children from at least some of these impulsive decisions is actually easier than we think. The e-book, Teens, Tattoos, & Piercings, was written as an easily understandable, and quickly read manual that goes over all the pros and cons of getting a tattoo. It’s full of pictures and facts that everyone should consider BEFORE they get inked. EVERY TEEN should read it, and no one should go off to college without it. It’s downloadable for only $0.99 and it can prevent a lifetime of regret!!

Time and time again, scientists have shown that merely TALKING about modern trends, fashions, and peer pressure can have a very positive effect.  Don’t preach, lecture, or threaten. . .just talk.