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Tattoo Parties

Tattoo parties are a bad idea. A tattoo is a permanent body alteration. Whatever tattoo you get (or don’t get) should be researched, explored, and considered extensively.  Not done on an impulse and with alcohol on board. And not done at a tattoo party. You wouldn’t have liposuction at a weight loss party! Tattoo parties are done for the benefit of the amateur tattooist, and the host (who gets a cut of the tattooist’s money). Tattoo party? –> NO.

Everyone else looses.

If you ever went to a professional tattoo parlor, you would think you were at a clinical office. There are autoclaves (the machines that sterilize the equipment), organized tattoo equipment (sterilized and separated by size and dated for expiration or rotation). Inks organized by color, date, lot, manufacturer, etc. They have computer programs that track all of the client data in addition to placement, reaction, lot number, etc.  The people at tattoo parties don’t track anything, keep no documentation, and bear no responsibilities after the night is over.



Really!??!!. . .does this look like a good idea to you??


4 Responses to Tattoo Parties

  • Kali says:

    Tattoo parties are not all bad, if done right. I am doing one a licensed tattoo parlor that has a bar in it as well. All patrons have been advised not to consume alcohol if they are getting tattoos. This is not at home or done by an novice artist. So I don’t agree with the total negative outlook on tattoo parties. They can be done in a safe way. But at home is usually not the best.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the note. Your approach is controlled (licensed, parameters, etc.), and not what we’re against. Maybe its the semantics, but where we come from a Tattoo Party is designed to entice, usually underage, teens into getting unprofessional cut-rate tattoos. There are no rules or limitations. One of my patients had “stank ho” tattooed on her neck while drunk at a tattoo party. Professional tattooist are most comfortable at a business with controlled conditions so that their work is at its best. For people getting their FIRST tattoo, a party atmosphere is probably not the best way to start. Thanks again for writing because there is merit to what you are saying.

  • Kenisha says:

    You’re the greaestt! JMHO