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“Teens, Tattoos, & Piercings” is a health education supplement for middle and upper school students designed to educate them on the health and social implications of permanent body art. Tattoos and piercings are incredibly popular among teens and young adults such that having a primer that reviews the health risks and social concerns before the teens acquire body art is critical to future educational, employment, and social success. High school nurses across the nation are reporting students getting tattoos unsafely in the community, and actually piercing each other in school restrooms between classes. This health educational supplement, written by a physician with a child psychology background, is the first of its kind and provides an essential overview of this pervasive social phenomenon. The Cleveland Municipal School District has agreed to add this book to their fall middle school curriculum and many other districts and private schools plan to follow.

This health education supplement is 88 pages long with over 100 full color photos and illustrations. The book can be purchased for $19.99). The book covers the potential health problems with tattoos and piercings, peer pressure, impact on employment and relationships, and common sense advice that needs to be both discussed and considered BEFORE getting a tattoo or piercing. The book has been endorsed by the National Clearinghouse on Families & Youth as its only body art educational resource.

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Add “Teens, Tattoos, & Piercings” to your middle school health curriculum because by high school graduation day well over half the class will already have a tattoo or piercing, and some of their body art will adversely affect college entrance, job interviews, and future relationships.

Email [email protected] so I can personally add your system to the list of educators beginning to address this omnipresent occurrence in today’s schools. We’re not against tattoos or piercings, but we are against poorly thought through unsafe (employment-blocking) body art.  Call or write now and be ahead of the curve.

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