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Tattoo Location Considerations

Where is the best place to put my tattoo?

Where should my tattoo go?                                                                                 Tattoo Location Ideas

Where shouldn’t I put my tattoo?

What location on my body is best for a tattoo?

Need a Tattoo Location Guide??


When choosing a location for your tattoo, if you choose to do so, there are a number of considerations that should be weighed. Is the tattoo for your benefit, or others? Which spots on the body are allowable for my career, for what I wear, for my body type? What are your good/attractive attributes and can you improve on them? Or will a tattoo mess up an already good feature?

Clearly, you need to walk a fine line. A tattoo will definitely draw attention to itself where ever it’s seen. If you have unattractive feet (bunions, corns, fungal thickened nails), putting a tattoo on them will draw attention to your feet, and may not be a good idea.  If you have a nice firm stomach, you need to have the discipline to keep your stomach firm, or your tattoo will sag along with your stomach, and actually make it look worse!!

The pain associated with getting the tattoo also needs to be a consideration.  Look at the Pain & Tattoos page for more information. The latest trends seem to be actually seeking a painful place to get a tattoo so as to show your machismo!  People are now getting underarm and back of the knee tattoos to show how much pain they can endure.

“Dude, I bet that really hurt.” and the the reply “Nahhh.”

Wow, that was worth it!

The take home message is. . . if this is your first tattoo, please place it somewhere that is easily concealed.  That way you can get a feel for having a tattoo, and if you develop any tattoo regret.  If you already have three tattoos, and want more (and more than 5 years have gone by), go ahead and do what you want!

Your first Tattoo?

Go small and easily hidden!


The graphic above is really a parody of common tattoo locations, but its funny enough to at least review, and move on. No offense to anyone.


Choose a location that you can conceal at will. It may not matter now, but there may be an opportunity for advancement that depends on your not showing your tattoo.

. . .just a consideration.

Try these locations

Small and easy to conceal

avoid the lower legs in case you wear dresses to work.

The skull and crossbones don’t work in the medical field.

I’m just saying. . .

This fairy is a little too big

Just ideas. . .

Thanks for submitting these!!