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Tattoos: Should I or Shouldn't I? The E-Book

It’s ONLY 99 cents!!!

This downloadable full color e-book reviews the history, technique, complications, and social implications of tattoos.  Written by a primary care physician with over twenty years of clinical experience, the book is directed toward the younger population and is easily understandable and includes many photos and drawings. Many parents believe that if their child hasn’t talked to them about tattoos, they’re not thinking about tattoos, and would never get one. This belief has led to many shocked parents over the years. Be pro-active.  Don’t wait, start the conversation about tattoos, and then give them the e-book. It’s only 99 cents. currently lists this book for $19.99. Save $19 . . .now!!  This sale won’t last for long.

Read some recent reviews

“As a forty-nine years old woman, my decision to get a tattoo was far from impulsive.

However, my husband and soulmate has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I wanted to have some permanent record of our love, after he is gone.

Since, as part of his treatment, he will be undergoing Radiotherapy, he would be left with a small and very discrete tattoo or two himself, (in order to ensure the tumor is targeted properly). So after some consideration, I thought it would be a nice touch to have the identical marking tattooed on myself, to express my commitment to support him until the end, and to remember him afterwards. If, by some slim change he is cured, it would be a memorial of a difficult time in our lives.

I was highly delighted to come across a website, that clearly and without prejudice, gave advice to those who were contemplating making this permanent change in their lives.

After reading all the information provided on the site, I decided that a cost of 99 cents for the book was entirely reasonable, as it would not do any harm to have as much information as possible.

I am glad I made this purchase, as in among was a short passage suggesting that if you were considering getting a tattoo, in remembrance of someone close who had died, that you think about whether there weren’t far better ways of expressing your love, and whether you would really want a permanent reminder of your loss.

It suddenly hit me, that there was a significant risk that it would interfere with my ability to grieve and move on.

Thanks to this website and book, I have avoided making an irreversible decision, that not only might I regret, but could cause me significant emotional damage.

After all, I can always reconsider the decision, NOT to get a tattoo, at some later date, when I am in a less vulnerable state of mind.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Su Mitchell


“Just finished reading your book, “Tattoos:  Should I or Shouldn’t I.” I found it to be not only an “easy read” but also, inviting to the reader, highly informative and very thought provoking.  It raises questions the vast majority of people with tattoos as well as those contemplating getting a tattoo never dreamed of considering.  Given the demographics of those getting tattoos and the possible consequences of an often “in-the-moment” and seemingly benign decision, as an educator, I would strongly recommend that Tattoos become a “must read” in today’s health classes or information on tattoos become a part of our school’s health curriculum at the very least.  The information you provide could prevent unnecessary regret and hours of untold pain, both physical and financial.”

Reginald C. Blue, Ph.D.

Psychologist – LPCC – CAS – CRS


“If you are planning on getting a tattoo, or multiple tattoos, do yourself a favor “READ THIS BOOK” so there will not be any unpleasant surprises. It is better to be “safe than sorry”. There is information in this book that will help you make a wise decision as to “tattooing” and even the tattoos you might choose that will be with you forever. This book could be one of your best investments if you, or someone in your family is planning on a life that includes tattoos. GET THE BOOK!”

Tony Whitaker

Inspirational Speaker & Counselor


“Tattoos: Should I or Shouldn’t I?” was very easy to read and contained a wealth of information. The book really made one think about the ramifications of tattoos, all the way from health concerns to possible impacts on employment. I also appreciated the tone of the book; it did not tell you that you should not get a tattoo, but focused on directing you to make an informed decision. Parents should seriously think about having their teenaged children read this book and discussing it with them.”

Sherman Moon

IT Specialist


“Just bought “Tattoos: Should I or Shouldn’t” for my 16 year old daughter who “can’t wait” to join her friends and get a tattoo. My warnings against it have been ineffective until now.  I bought the book, and just asked her to read it.  She literally returned 2 hours later completely convinced that now is not the time!! I would have paid $100 for this!!”

Toye Williams, MD


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This full color e-book should be in every high school student’s computer, and definitely send them off to college with the gift of knowledge!

Once downloaded, the book can be read directly on the computer screen, Ipad, or tablet.  Or you can print it! It’s easy, fast, and for less than five dollars, you can’t beat it!

If you want the actual paperback book, order it from!

Invest in alittle research before your get a tattoo!!!  Only then will you make a decision you’ll be comfortable with. . .