Tattoos and Sex in College Students

Students getting their first tattoo while away at college frequently feel the way this young lady did: “Be Fearless, Compassionate & Free.” These themes were examined in a study done in 2005 related to “College students, tattoos and sexual activity” authored by Jerome R. Koch, PhD and colleagues.  The study which can be accessed through the link below scientifically reviews the responses of surveyed college students regarding tattoos and sexual activity.

Tattoos & Sexual Activity

Basically the study found that people with tattoos were usually more sexually active than those without tattoos. Students with tattoos engaged in sexual activity earlier in life (18 months earlier for men, and 5 months earlier in woman).  I’m not sure what this means, if anything.  People getting tattoos are usually more self assured (or so they believe), so the same assertiveness that allows the first sexual act may be the same ‘nerve’ that allows a tattoo application.  Tattoos are not causing the earlier sexual activity. It’s driven by independence, self-assurance, and a drive to ‘do what they want.’ It’s most likely a personality trait.  I’m pretty sure this isn’t important, but it’s out there.

Incidentally, how do you get a job with a skull and cross bone behind your ear?  Certainly, the medical field would be out.

6 Responses to Tattoos and Sex in College Students

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