Nice Tattoos for Girls


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When you think about a “nice tattoo” what do you think of? The truth about a nice appropriate tattoo is that it is small like an attractive blemish. Like the mole on Cindy Crawford or Marilyn Monroe, it’s unique, defining, and brings out the beauty on the outside and the inside.

A tattoo is really a self-placed beauty mark.  It shouldn’t be so big that it distracts from the greater subject. . .you.

If you have a scar, birthmark, or burn that does distract from your beauty, a tattoo is a good choice to cover it.

If you already are beautiful, trying to improve on God’s creation, will be both a challenge, and a dangerous experiment.

If something is beautiful, a dramatic change to it will almost invariably mess it up. But what is the definition of “dramatic.” Beautiful celebrities have gotten plastic surgery, and in some cases, have achieved an improvement in beauty, but in the majority of cases, it has been a terrible mistake.  If someone has a small adjustment in their nose, an improvement may be seen, but a huge change in appearance is rarely a welcome change, or an improvement.

Its fine to get a tattoo, but remember, the changes you place are usually permanent so start small, and then keep it small.  Improving on Mother Nature is always going to be a tall order.

“Its not nice to fool with Mother Nature.”

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