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Ambigram & Mirror Image Tattoos


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An AMBIGRAM is a calligraphic design that, based on your perspective or viewpoint, can be interpreted in at least two different ways. The approach has led to a number of new ambigram tattoo designs.  As you can tell from the “shoulditattoo” ambigram above, not all words lend itself to this process.  Some words or phrases work substantially better than others. If you were to get a word on your arm it could be almost always oriented in a readable position.

The reason words are not a good choice for tattoos is you never know how to place them. . . for your reading, or someone else’s?  When showing the tattoo, there has to be a “check” of the position so it can be displayed properly.

Placement of words for your benefit on your stomach or chest might best be placed in a mirror image because you will generally see it in the mirror.  Words for other people’s enjoyment (and I don’t know why you would want this) should be oriented for their viewing.

Here’s a free site to generate an ambigram.  Just click on the picture below.