Where is the least painful place to put a tattoo?

“My new tattoo hurts!”

Where is the most painful spot to put a tattoo?

If tattoo pain is a consideration, you must remember that any tattoo is painful during the application and healing process. Based on the number of ‘nerve endings’ under your skin, the actual amount of tattoo pain you feel will vary. Places like the hands, feet, arm pit, back of the knees, face/neck, and genital regions have a large nerve supply and will therefore hurt much more than the shoulder or calf. The areas of the skin that need more sensation (hands, face, etc.) will be the same areas that will hurt more when you get a tattoo there.

Another issue related to tattoo pain is your body’s blood supply. Some areas of the body have a much higher blood supply than others, and if the skin is thinner there, you will see a lot more blood during the procedure. Obviously if proper cleanliness is not maintained, the more blood, the more the chance of transmitting a disease. Tattoo parlor professionals are very knowledgeable about the regions of the body, infection control, and protecting you (and them) from disease.

Everyone’s tolerance for pain is different, and everyone reacts differently. Start small, and go slow. Below is a quick overview of sensitive regions of the body, and a color key that shows the different variations of pain sensation in the body.

Remember, the pain will go away, but the tattoo is forever.